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Unpacking TikTok Trends: Underpainting

Unpacking TikTok Trends: Underpainting

There are a million and one ways to jazz up your makeup, but when it comes to applying your base, there’s only really one way to do it...right? WRONG!

Before we discovered the wonderful world of TikTok, trying something new with our makeup meant experimenting with eyeshadow or trying out a bold new lip color. It never occurred to us that there was a different way to apply our base

But then came TikTok and the concept of underpainting. According to celeb makeup artists, this trend has been used for years by professionals in the industry, and now, thanks to TikTok, it’s being used by the general public. 

So let’s unpack it:

What is underpainting?

Put simply, underpainting is applying your concealer, contour, and blush before your foundation. Applying the color first, then blending it out with your foundation, is supposed to create a softer, more natural look. As this does require a little more makeup than you might be used to, TikTok creator @scortezzbeauty recommends it for HD photography and events rather than everyday wear. 

How do you do it?

First things first, you’ll need to gather your products. Professional MUAs and TikTok creators alike recommend cream products, as these are easier to blend and provide a more natural, skin-like finish. 

Step 1 is concealer. Apply it, a little more liberally than normal, to your forehead, under-eye area, and on and around your nose. Blend this out with a brush. 

Step 2 is your cream contour. Apply it around your lips, nose, cheeks, and forehead, and leave it unblended. 

Step 3 is your blush. Apply as normal to your cheeks without blending it in too much. 

Step 4 is the foundation! Apply a few pumps to a duo fiber foundation brush, and start buffing it in. 

The result? A seamless, natural-looking complexion. 

Does it work?

Absolutely! It might take a little practice, but done correctly. This technique looks stunning. We’ll definitely be adding it to our repertoire of tricks!

Check out @scortezzbeauty handy TikTok tutorial here:


@scortezzbeauty Have you heard of underpainting? #SummerLooks #ImAGhost #makeup #beauty #protips #promua #mua #beautyhacks #xyzbca #learnontiktok #makeupartist ♬ original sound - Scortezz Beauty
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