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Beauty Trends for 2022

Beauty Trends for 2022

Every year there is a beauty trend or two that takes the world by storm. Sometimes, they end up sticking around for a while, like the massive emphasis on skincare and dewy skin we’ve seen the past few years. Other times, they come and go and should never return, such as pencil-thin eyebrows. 

No matter what year it is, there are always going to be trends that you want to try out. After all, you will never know if you love it or hate it until you try! 

Here are the top five beauty trends in 2022 to keep your eye on. 

Virtual Product Try-On Programs

Virtual Makeup Try-On - Virtual Makeover - Makeup - Maybelline

Big beauty brands have had versions of these programs available on their respective apps for a few years. However, with the always-changing landscape of tech, we can expect more brands and even tech companies to jump on this trend. 

Diverse Skincare 

The Power Of Skin Care — Lady Wimbledon

It looks like the emphasis on taking care of our skin is not slowing down anytime soon. Since it looks like it's here to stay, some brands are taking advantage of this fact and creating more skin-inclusive items. What works on light skin tones may not work on dark skin tones and vice versa. 

Wild and Free Hairstyles 

We have already seen the return of the mullet, but you can be sure we will see more styles emerge like brightly colored hair and choppy styles. There is some indication that baldness or buzz-cut hairstyles will be back in style as well. 

Viral Trends

10 Weirdest TikTok Beauty Trends Will Be Hottest in 2022 | KnowInsiders

With TikTok and Instagram around, plenty of people get their skincare and makeup recommendations from users on these platforms. A viral TikTok can make a product become a cult favorite in a matter of days. We are sure to see more of this in 2022!

Male-Marketed Beauty and Grooming Products 

The emphasis on self-identifying males to take care of themselves through proper skincare routines is not brand new. Pharrell brought his male-centered skincare line on the market a few years ago. 

However, male beauty products like lip glosses and nail polishes are becoming more mainstream thanks to artists like Harry Styles and Machine Gun Kelly launching their nail polish brands. 

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