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Beauty & Fashion Magazines To Inspire You This May

Beauty & Fashion Magazines To Inspire You This May

Feeling a little unmotivated after the couple of horrific years we’ve had? Get your mojo back with a little help from these beauty & fashion magazines!

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been nothing but discouraging. First, the global pandemic locked us inside for months, prevented us from socializing and seeing our friends, and made us live in our own little lonely bubble. Then, the tragic news about the situation in Europe hit and made a lot of us doubt everything we believed in about the world.

All things considered, it’s OK to not be OK. If you feel like you’ve lost all your mojo for fashion and beauty trends, we have something to help you feel inspired this May. From the latest runway and celebrity styles to makeup and beauty trends, we’ve compiled a list of top magazines to help you get back on track!

Top Fashion & Beauty Magazines (2022)

Harper's Bazaar

Subscription cost: $5 for six months, then $25 per year after six months

If you’re looking to learn a few new tips and tricks from the best, Harper’s Bazaar should be your no.1 choice. Going strong since 1867 and published in over 20 countries, Harper’s Bazaar brings you the latest in fashion and beauty trends from renowned designers and experts.


Subscription cost: 1 year for $12, or 6 months for $8

Readers subscribe to Vogue because it’s the Holy Grail of all fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazines for women all over the world. First published in 1909, today Vogue inspires women in over 19 countries, bringing a unique viewpoint on upcoming trends to look out for.


Subscription cost: $20 for the whole year

Cosmopolitan magazine is for women who want MORE. This lifstely title covers anything from food and drinks, beauty and hair, advice on relationships, friendships and sex, and even gift ideas. One thing for sure, you’ll never be bored reading it!


Subscription cost: 1 year for $8, or 6 months for $6

Beauty lovers, this title is definitely for you. As a beauty expert, the Allure magazine provides tangible advice on skin and hair care, nails, or makeup, and even has a beauty products review section so you don’t need to test any new products on yourself!


Subscription cost: $5 for six months, then $25 per year after six months

Published in 44 different countries, the Elle magazine covers women’s beauty, love life, latest runway trends, makeup, fashion, stories or issues important to society, and even career advice.
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