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8 Foundation Hacks That Will Change Your Life

8 Foundation Hacks That Will Change Your Life

When applying and wearing makeup, we all want our faces to look like a professional helped us out. We want our foundation to last all day, without having to worry about what it looks like. Here are 8 foundation hacks that we swear by that will help you look flawless all day! 

Know Your Skin Type & Undertone

When picking the best foundation for your skin tone, don’t forget to consider your skin type. Whether your skin is dry, oily, mature, or a combination of those categories, you will need a different kind of foundation. 

If your skin tends to be oily, stay away from oil-based formulas. If your skin can dry out easily, don’t use matte finishes because this will give you a cakey look. 

As you are looking for your right foundation, also consider your undertone. This is vital in helping shade match. The three undertones are: warm, cool, and neutral. If you’re not sure what your undertone is, have a look at the veins in your wrist. If they are green, you have a warm undertone. Blue means you have a cool undertone, and a combination of green and blue veins means you have a neutral undertone. 

Can’t Find The Right Foundation Colour? Make Your Own

If you can't find the perfect shade for your skin tone, try making your own by purchasing two foundations. Get one that is just darker than your skin tone and one that is a shade lighter and mix them! This is one of our favourite tips because, in some seasons, you may end up being lighter or darker, depending on when the sun is out. 

Prep Your Skin 

You want to give your foundation a great base to sit on. If your face isn’t exfoliated or cleaned, it could make for a cakey cosmetic look. Start by cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser, followed by some toner and a hydrating essence (like our Hydrating Boost Essence) to really help lock in that extra bit of moisture before applying a light moisturiser. The more hydrated your skin is, the less cakey your makeup will look throughout the day.

Mix In A Hydrator

For a lighter and dewier finish, mix your foundation with a hint of moisturiser or face oil. This is a great hack for people with dry skin as it can help prevent cakiness if you’re also using a powder. You’ll be left with a light and dewy coverage while also using less product to get that perfect finish. 

Set Your Makeup 

If you want your makeup to stay in place for a long period, set it with powder. Applying something like our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder to areas that tend to get oily, like the t-zone, bridge of your nose, and chin will help it stay in place all day. You don’t need to use too much either - just using a tiny amount will help keep a fresh finish. 

Use The Stippling Approach To Get Full-Coverage 

If you want fuller coverage from your foundation, use the stipple method. This means you will lightly tap the foundation onto your skin. It will press the product into your skin and pores, creating maximum coverage. For this, you should use a stippling brush or a beauty blender. However, no matter what tool you decide to use, DO NOT drag the applicator! This is the number way way to ensure a streaky foundation finish….

If you want to try this method, here is a pro tip. Spray your brush or blender with a tiny amount of setting spray. This will help you keep your flawless look all day! 

Get A Natural Finish By Using Your Hands

If you want a more natural finish that, rub in your foundation with your palms. The warmth of your hands mixed with the rubbing motion ensures that the cream won’t look cakey. Start by heating the product on your palm, then applying it to your face using an outward round motion. You can also gently pat and mix the foundation along with your fingers or complete the blending with a blender. 

Don’t Forget Your Neck

No-one wants to leave the house with a face one colour and neck another, so while this may not seem that important - it is! When applying your foundation, don’t forget to blend down your neck and at your jawline. Or if you don’t feel like blending it all the way down, continue it underneath your chin and dust some powder or bronzer on your neck instead.

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