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Warm or Cool Skin Undertone

30 Aug, 21 | Posted in foundation

Do You Know Your True Skin Undertone?

Some people just look fantastic in certain colours, and everyone knows it. They’ve been told all their life that they look great in olive green, or earth tones, blues, etcetera etcetera. These are the people who, whether they know it or not, already have a good grasp on what their skin undertone is!

But if you’ve ever wondered to yourself... Hmm, am I warm or cool toned? What does the olive skin tone look like? Which colours should neutral undertones be paired with? Then this is the post for you! Together we’re going to peruse the four different skin undertones, and determine which colours of clothing and makeup will look best on YOUR skin!

The Four Undertones
Just to keep things clear, your skin tone and skin undertone are two different things. Skin tone is what we measure on a scale of light to dark. Undertone, however, is the coloured hue that lives beneath your normal skin tone. Anyone can have any combination of skin tone and undertone - fair with warm tones, deep with cool tones, medium with olive tones, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless!

Warm Toned Skin
Unsurprisingly, warm toned skin really resonates with other warm coloured things. Here’s what warm undertones look like:

  • Green or green-ish coloured veins
  • Skin that feels more peachy, yellow, or golden

Don’t feel too peachy? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more to cover:

Cool Toned Skin
Many assume that everyone who has pale or fair skin has a cool undertone - not true! Many people with dark or deep skin tones find themselves with a cool undertone. Here’s how to tell:

  • Veins will appear blue, purple, or both!
  • Your skin will feel more pinkish, blue, or even red (yes, cool red exists!)

Not feeling very cool? You still have two more totally valid options:

Neutral Toned Skin
Neutral skin tones can lean in two different directions. For some, they have a really true neutral look...not too warm, not too cool. For others, they have a combination of the above!

They might have very blue veins, but cast a very golden glow. Here’s how to tell if you’re neutral toned:

  • Honestly, you’re not sure if your veins are green or blue coloured
  • You look neither cool nor warm or;
  • You have a mix-matched combination of warm and cool toned features

If you didn’t identify as either warm or cool toned, it’s possible you’re just neutral! Still not sure? We still have one more:

Olive Toned Skin
A lot of people actually tend to overlook olive toned skin, which isn’t very fair! This undertone is seen mostly in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Indigenous cultures, although it can be found in Africa and Latin American as well. You may be olive toned if you have:

  • A vein colour that’s hard to name (similar to neutral)
  • A greenish-yellow look, sometimes even ashen or grey

The yellow-green tones are what really mark those with olive toned skin.

So how do you know what skin tone you are? Here are a few easy test questions that should help!

Skin Undertone Quiz

Fun in the Sun
How our skin reacts to time in the sun is a huge indicator of what our undertones may be. But be careful - you should still consider your main skin tone, too. For example, medium skin tones with cool undertones are likely to burn first, but they can count on that burn to eventually fade into a tan thanks to the increased melanin. But be careful - deep skin tones can still burn, too!

Warm: Those with warm undertones are more likely to tan than burn when in the sun! But watch out - if you have a pale skin tone, you could still end up with a nice side of sun burn if you’re not careful!